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Our history

UVENCO is the largest Russian vending operator, installing coffee and snack machines throughout Russia. Maintaining considerable experience and knowledge in the vending industry and demonstrating a great understanding of Russia’s vending market demands, UVENCO accumulates considerable resources allowing to service a network with over 8000 machines throughout Russia.

Today UVENCO is the official retail operator of Universiade in Kazan and Winter Games in Sochi un 2014, partner of leading Russian and international companies.

The Company has a successful history of organic growth in Moscow, St.Petersburg, and other key regions. In October 2009 UVENCO has become an exclusive partner of Russian Railways. According the agreement the company will install 1000 vending machines and 2000 transactional kiosks on main Russian railway stations.

For its operations UVENCO uses coffee and snack machines, manufactured in St. Petersburg. The plant designs, manufactures and markets innovative vending machines and also provides wide range of vending technologies for Russian and international markets.

Main indicators:

  • Player number 1 in the industry on Russian market  (in terms of turnover and market share)
  • 15% market share
  • Revenue growth more than 45% in 2010-2011
  • Revenue growth faster than market 2 times
  • Gross margin more than 60%
  • Strong own R&D division


Company history:


  • Uvenco starts operations in Moscow and St. Petersburg



  • Regional expansion to Yekaterinbourg, Rostov-na-Donu
  • Introduction of the first Russia-manufactured snack vending machine


  • Introduction of the online-monitoring system
  • Uvenco becomes a partner of Russian Railways


  • Uvenco operates in all major cities of Russia
  • Introduction of the first Russia-manufactured coffee machine


  • Uvenco aquires major reginal vending networks in Rostov and Yekaterinburg
  • Introduction of the first coffee machine with touchscreen on the international exhibition in Cologne


  • Uvenco becomes vending partner of Sochi2014 olympic games
  • Uvenco becomes member of EVA
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