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Our values serve as guidelines for our actions and describe how we build our business:

Service. Clients and consumers are at the center of everything we do. To serve them well on a daily basis, we have to demonstrate our availability and responsiveness, to anticipate their expectations and to take pride in satisfying them.

Transparency. We hold ourselves and each other to the highest standards in all we say and do. Our actions and communications are always direct, honest, and transparent.

Innovations. Technology leadership is one of Uvenco’s core values and a key driver of our success. Cutting-edge technology ensures our long-term market success – as well as the success of our customers.

Development. Vending market is evolving rapidly. To best meet these objectives, we will focus on developing our personnel and improving our organizational structures.

Team. Through unity, we can achieve more together. Our actions are based on trust, responsibility and decisions which we reach and realize together by using the potential and professionalism of all members of our team. Our shared company vision and goals will lead to lasting success.

Persistency. Working in one of the most competitive industries we are persistently strived to success.


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