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4 simple steps


4 simple steps on the way towards vending machine in your office

We install our vending machines and make sure they are well-stocked with quality products. We take care of inventories, maintenance and servicing. There is no work required on your part. We are driven to bring you a total convenience vending solution and service.

Step 1:
We will design and calculate according your requirements the set-up of vending machines for your office (including quantity, types and installation spots). Our specialists will provide visualization of your future vending location, if required.

Step 2:
If needed our certified engineer will install the plug on the installation spot.

Step 3:
We will deliver machines to your office. We will reconcile products and drinks rangein accordance with your preferences.

Step 4:
Rather than filling vending machines on a standard, inflexible schedule, we refill our vending machines when they need service-every day if sales warrant it.



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