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UVENCO presents the premium coffee Belonika


 UVENCO is introducing premium coffee Belonika to the Russian market. Having launched Belonika offer for NERO machines, which is targeted at current and potential clients of tabletop machines, UVENCO is now working on  the  offer for professional coffee machines.

Nika Belotserkovskaya, better known as Belonika, is the author of a world famous cooking blog. She publishes best-selling recipes, announces admission to Belonika&LesChefs school on a regular basis and the like. She is also the head of the Internet project Belonika Shop andselects delicious and high quality products herself for its work. In summer 2014 Nika, who is a quite demanding coffee lover, visited Caffe Carraro - the oldest Italian producer of coffee. The result of this visit is the premium coffee line “Belonika for UVENCO”.

“Promotion of premium brands is based on the impeccable quality of the product and exclusiveness of the offer,” says Julia Krotova, regional business development manager of TTM in UVENCO. “In our case we have another weighty argument - Belonika is a brand that is well known not only in Moscow and St Petersburg but also much outside these cities.”

Tatneft, a chain of petrol stations, was the first partner and consumer of Belonika premium coffee. UVENCO has been supplying petrol stations of this chain with its new coffee for two months. And the sales have been growing since then. Today you can try Belonika coffee made by tabletop coffee machines NERO from UNICUM at a hundred of Tatneft petrol stations all over Russia. 

Belonika coffee for proffessional HORECA machines was first introduced to B2B clients and partners of the company at “PIR”, an international exhibition for professionals of restaurant business, in September 2014. Roberto Vescovi, a barista from Caffe Carraro, was making  different types of coffee from Belonika coffee using professional machines for four days. He also told the audience about the refinements of roasting coffee grains and various ways of making good coffee. His virtuoso performance virtually conquered the audience at the exhibition. Everybody wanted not only to try but also to take photos of his coffee masterpieces. “How can anyone drink such beauty?” wondered the guests at the UVENCO stand.

 UVENCO is planning to further promote the premium coffee Belonika to other regions of Russia and to increase its coffee list for B2B companies and business in HoReCa segment. Apart from this, the company is going to set up its own online shop.

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