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UVENCO coffee bar: delicious, stylish and with a nice smile


UVENCO is launching a new project – stationary coffee bars with professional barista. The company’s first coffee bar was opened this November in Moscow.

“Coffee bar is a new segment for our company,” comments Sergei Kornienko, CEO of UVENCO. “We have always associated ourselves with vending. But the market is developing further and we are looking at all the latest trends.

Delicious coffee, croissants and sandwiches in the ToGo format will be offered to you by a nice and friendly girl in a designer stall.

Despite being quite “modest” in size, UVENCO coffee bar takes into account all that is necessary for customers’ comfort. It is also decorated according to the latest European trends and is equipped with professional coffee machine.

Whole bean coffee which is used for our drinks was chosen by Nika Belotserkovskaya, a famous food blogger and author of cookery bestsellers, as part of Belonika and UVENCO collaborative project for professional equipment of HoReCa segment. Natural milk of premium quality used in latte and cappuccino, brings out the amazing flavor of the selected Italian coffee beans. Excellent quality of both drinks and service is justified by the fact that just in the first week the coffee bar got some regulars among customers and the staff of the shopping center.     

The range of our goods also includes salads, sandwiches, fresh fruit, tea, refreshing drinks, mineral water, croissants and other bakery. ToGo format does not imply an area for tables, but the coffee bar has everything necessary for our customers to have a snack comfortably – disposable tableware and comfortable packages with the company’s logo. On the one hand, customers get good service and, on the other hand, they become brand representatives inside and outside the shopping center when they buy any hot drink, sandwich or other bakery. The range of people going to the shopping center is really wide, which will allow us to reach our potential customers quicker. 

Having launched a stationary coffee bar with professional equipment and selected whole bean coffee, UVENCO is preparing another project – a unique offer for HoReCa. As part of the collaborative project with Belonika, UVENCO is going to offer special monosorts such as Ethiopian Arabica, the best coffee in the world, to restaurant in Moscow. Apart from elite coffee, UVENCO is currently negotiating excusive delivery of premium teas by an English company.  

Further development of coffee bars as well as cooperation with HoReCa is very important for vending. It means extending the offer and reconsidering the traditional view on vending. Besides, it is an effective tool in promoting the brand.  


The main priority of the new project by UVENCO is to attract more customers to the UVENCO brand. Every little detail, including uniform, tableware, packaging, etc., is branded. 


Customers of the UVENCO coffee bar get fragrant coffee, delicious sandwiches and croissants, customer-oriented staff and stylish design. This is all easy to remember.



Shopping Centre “Zolotoy Vavilon Rostokino”

 “Zolotoy Vavilon Rostokino”, situated on prospect Mira, is one of the largest shopping and leisure centers in Europe. It is among the top ten largest and most popular shopping centers in Moscow and its region according to 4sq. It is also in the top ten largest shopping centers in Russia.


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