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 You’d be hard-pressed to find a coffee shop that does NOT serve “Flat White” these days. However, UVENCO is Russia's first vending company featuring this beverage in its coffee planograms!

“Within a year Flat White gained quite popular support in our country, which is really uncommon for classic coffee drinks”, says Dmitry Vetrov, UVENCO head of marketing, regarding this unexpected surge in demand. “On the other hand, Russia, where strong coffee drinks are popular, seems like a natural fit for promotion of Flat White”.

One coffee blogger quipped once that while Russell Crowe and Flat White are very different phenomena, they share a common root: New Zealand and Australia still argue about origins of both, the actor and the coffee drink. Most likely the truth is elsewhere, as well as the Flat White niche: between no-frills espresso and cappuccino where the taste of coffee itself often “drowns” in too much milk.

So it’s kinda cappuccino or latte? It seems the same but, however, is different. International experts consider this a real, substantial addition to the world coffee menu. “What an opportune moment to spice up the line of beverages as the hot coffee season approaches”, adds Dmitry Vetrov, UVENCO head of marketing.

A number of UVENCO operating companies have begun testing this new offer in hot beverage vending. “This drink replaced low profit margin positions in Moscow and the Moscow region, throughout the Central Federal District, in St. Petersburg, Perm, Novosibirsk, Kazan and Rostov-on-Don”, says Sergey Scherbachenko, UVENCO product range manager. “For example, in Rostov, the new product was sold instead of hot milk. Profit margin of this ‘button’ increased by 150%”. 


Flat White is an “Eighties” coffee drink. Derek Townsend, co-owner of the DKD Coffee Shop in Auckland (New Zealand), claims to have invented it. However, the term “Flat White” also designated a similar coffee drink all the way over in Sydney. According to both recipes, frothed milk is added into a doppio (double espresso) which allows the coffee flavor to maintain its clarity without getting lost in the milk. Classic cappuccino and latte typically contain a single espresso shot. Having conquered New Zealand and Australia in the Nineties, Flat White successfully crossed over to Great Britain and spread throughout the rest of the world.

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