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With the EVA support, Le Zapping du Snacking (Vending Trends Overview) conference took place geared towards the representatives from the leading national associations at the Paris exhibition. Erwin Wetzel, general director at EVA, Nicolas Bodilis-Réguer, President of NAVSA, and Boris Belotserkovskiy, President of RNVA, were the keynote speakers. These discussions attracted large active audiences. As proposed, the program focused on pressing issues within the vending industry: coffee vending operation beyond the emergence of new market players, mutual benefits of cooperation between vendors and popular coffee brands, developments in snack vending, introduction of touch screen technology and launch of the coffee corner concept, including the joint venture between Starbucks and Selecta, the largest European operator.

 Presidents and members of national associations from France, Germany, Spain, Italy, England, Hungary, Russia and Poland attended the EVA meeting, coordinated by the RNVA President. Fiscalization and allergens labeling are common points of concern for all participants. 

For example, Hungary enacted a law requiring all vending machines to be equipped with particular fiscal registrars worth $400 each. The law goes in effect on January 1, 2016 and there is a mandatory equipment registration procedure costing an additional $100.

The German government has begun exploring vending machine fiscalization about a year ago. Since the beginning of 2015, the German Association actively cooperates with authorities to provide its input.

This summer Italy is expected to finalize its vending machine fiscalization policy. CONFIDA introduced their own solution: flash drives that can regularly collect data and submit it to proper authorities. Project deliberation is pending.

The PSV team reported that a Polish company was allegedly actively developing an online fiscalizator with an aim to lobby its use all across Europe once the product is ready for usage. 

For now, other countries refrained from commentary. However, all participants of the meeting in Paris realize that regardless of technicalities of any fiscalization solution, its inevitable implementation will be a burdensome process for the industry.

Allergen labeling was another topic of great interest at the conference. At this point, signed legislature in all EVA member states, except Russia, requires each vending machine to display information about calories count, presence of gluten or lactose as well as other dietary information. 

During the exhibition, the French National Association of Automated Vending and Services (NAVSA) organized a gala reception to commemorate its 60th anniversary. More than 300 guests from France and other national associations in Europe gathered to celebrate the occasion and socialize among peers. This September the Russian Association will mark its tenth anniversary and President Boris Belotserkovskiy personally congratulated the NAVSA team in Paris noting their contribution to development of EVA and European vending industry in general. 

“Protecting the interests of its members, creating a favorable economic and legal environment for vending market development, lobbying for the industry-wide code of ethics… We have a lot to learn from our colleagues,” stated Boris Belotserkovskiy.


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