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  • 30.09.2013

    The warm season is almost over and the joint project of non-alcoholic beer brand Bavaria Malt and UVENCO is coming to an end. The representatives of both parties tell us about the project significance for developing vending in Russia, preliminary results and prospects.

  • 02.09.2013

    UVENCO development opens up new international capabilities. As the largest vending company in Russia, this summer UVENCO has been accepted into a worldwide vending association IVA, becoming the part of a large vending community.

  • 07.02.2013

    Almost a year ago UVENCO became the official Sochi 2014 retail partner in vending. Since then, it has unveiled an extensive network of vending machines with specialized Olympic licensed products throughout Russia.

  • 08.11.2012

    UVENCO is installing Russian-manufactured vending machines for hot and soft drinks as well as snacks at key venues throughout Sochi.

  • 19.12.2011

    Mobile TeleSystems, Moscow, Russia, the leading telecommunications operator in Russia and countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, announces the extension of contactless payment service “Quick Payment” based on the NFC technology. The company has launched a new mobile payment service in Perm which allows customers to purchase packaged foods, hot and refreshing drinks from UVENCO vending machines with the help of their mobile phones. UVENCO is the largest vending machines operator in Russia

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